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If you looking to eat more healthy to feel better and loose weight and reduce your shopping bill by comparing prices of the major supermarkets loginto mysupermarket to check your trolleys calories to improve your shopping in line with your diet plans.

Forget the frustration of comparing complex nutritional tables. Here are the points to note when shopping:

1) Switching to a healthier alternative

mysupermarket has automated programs which examines the contents of your trolley and suggests that you swap some of the items for similar products that are better for you saveing you calories, fat, sugar and salt while your shop.

2) Traffic Lights Labelling

Above the products you’ll find the Calorie Counter at mysupermarket. Click on the calories to reveal the Traffic Lights. View and compare the calories, fat, saturates, sugar and salt on all your favourite items.

3) Nutritional info

mysupermarket is the premier resource for checking ingredients, nutritional and allergy info for all 4 supermarkets. Click on the product to see the full data.

4) Find Healthy Food Items

mysupermarket makes it easy to locate your favourite healthy products. Just type in the search box “Weight Watchers”, “Slim Fast” or “Low Fat” and click Find. Follow the link below to signup and start shopping healthy today!

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  1. marvelous says:

    Wow. What a healthy, convenient, electronic way to shop!
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  2. Admin says:

    Yes, a fantastic way to shop for groceries for the health concious. So to save on food bill as well as calories, login to mysupermarket.

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