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How Boxercise Can Improve Your Muscle and Fitness

For most people attempting to lose weight they will try a number of measures; a cocktail of cutting bad foods, exercising more, trying different routines. Some will find it easier to replace calories with salds whereas others will find it hard to change their diet and will look for ways to workout that are both effective in terms of weight loss and also interesting enough to not lose concentration and give up. One such program, which is both cerebrally stimulating and physically intense, is known as boxercise; a mixture of the disciplines of boxing with the caridiovasuclar intensity associating with a heavy gym session. Boxercise, due to its varied strains, can also help improve concentration and mental well-being and mastery of the techniques can, and often does, leads to an increase in confidence.

What does a boxercise class entail?

Boxercise classes constitute a perfect mixture of combatant discipline with intense workouts aimed at increasing heart strength and all round muscle and fitness. A stanndard class will demonstrate to its attendates the correct and proper ways to throw punches in the same way as a professional boxer, the way to execute tactical moves such as short hand jabs and, although not quite as aesthetically impressive, the way to defend oneself – ducking, diving and blocking; this will help the individuals protect themselves from opponent’s blows in a boxing match or, if luck is not in play, in a real fight.

BoxerciseAs boxercise attendees will learn new moves they will also challenge themselves mentally – doing repeated movements such as those experienced during lifting free weights for example can be dull – and the spontaneous interactivity that boxercise requires will help sharpen the individual’s brains. The areas that are most improved by boxercise, apart from the brain, will often be the core and the arms. As a boxercises will throw the punches they have learnt (either at an imaginary opponent, a sparring partner or a punch bag) they will be working out different parts of these. For example, an individual training using a heavyweight punch bag will be throwing sluggier, strong punches and will see benefits to the size of their mucsles (though not necessarily tone) whereas individuals using smaller bags will generally throw more, quicker punches and, due to this increase in movement, will provide more benefit to their co-ordinaion, dexterity, core muscles and, due to the intense cardiovascular nature of their workout their heart muscles too.

Other muscle and fitness benefits

Some of the other astounding benefits of boxercise come to those wanting to lose weight. An average boxercise class will burn many calories – somewhere between three hundred and six hundred depending on the length and persistence of the session. The classes will also increase indiciduals heart rate during the work out which will ultimately push their cardio limits and improve overall heart strength. The other benefits that come from boxercise relate to the endorphins that come from intense sessions; these will improve an individuals mood, happiness and confidence.

A final note is that if an individual were unlucky enough to find themselves in a real fighting situation, boxercise classes will have taught them the techniques needed to fight back or at least act in self defence. Failing this, boxercise participants hshould have the fitness to be able to, at the very minimum, run away.

The overall benefits of boxercise include, but certainly are not limited to, improvement in muscle and fitness, better concentraion and co-ordination, an improvment in focus in discipline and better mental and physical health.

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Kieron Casey is a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate who has contributed previously at The Guardian and the BBC. He currently runs Fitness and Exercise Zone where he writes about muscle and fitness 

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