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What You Didn't Know About Botox

Botox has become a household name. Like Kleenex, or Ping-Pong (actually brand names) Botox is now synonymous with any injectable wrinkle removal treatment. Images of Joan Rivers and Steve Martin are conjured up, and something of a stigma surrounds its use. But, it is widely used by people from all walks of life, and although there is expense involved, for many people the alternative is much worse.


Botox was approved as a treatment for wrinkles by the FDA back in in 1989, and since then doctors offices and spas have made a killing administering the stuff. For consumers, two factors play a big part in the decision of where to go for treatment – price and the administering nurse or physicians experience. What is unique about Botox is that most people do not want you to know they’ve had Botox, so social proof is a bit hard to come by. I’m talking about reviews on Google Places, Yelp, Facebook, before/afters, etc etc.

What most people don’t know is that it is easy to get poor results with Botox if you don’t understand who is administering it, and how they are packaging and advertising the product.

Let’s talk about price – if you see an advertised Botox special that is offering Botox by region, be very careful. For example: “$100 for eleven lines” or “$250 for forehead”. The problem here is that your skin, and the underlying muscles are going to be uniquely different than other patients. You may actually have quite strong muscles and thick skin, requiring more Botox to get the look and expression you desire. When Botox is packaged by area of the face  (spas typically do this) they may skimp on the amount of Botox administered, or space out the injections too much in order keep their costs down. Even more insidious, unscrupulous spas or clinics may dilute Botox in order to keep their costs down. The outcome can be that you get underwhelming results that fade too quickly.

The other factor is experience – who exactly is going to be sticking you with needles, changing the way you’re going to look for the next 4-6 months? Not sure? Ask! It is responsibility to research your administering doctor, physician, or nurse before you have a Botox procedure done. How much experience do they have? Do they have before/after images readily available or upon request? What you might not know about Botox is that even a nurse’s assistant can be certified to administer Botox after taking a weekend course. So, it is all too common for Spas to offer Botox even when the administering nurse or physicians assistant may have only a few weeks of experience. The difficulty here is that the muscles and the nerves of the face are very complex. To further complicate matters, every face is different, requiring a custom tailored approach.

So how do you get Botox with confidence? How do you achieve the youthful look and avoid getting a poor result? Or, ripped off completely?

An experienced dermatologist is the answer. If your appearance is important enough to make you want a cosmetic procedure, don’t take any chances with watered-down Botox, inexperienced nurses, or worse – the dreaded “frozen face” syndrome.

Los Angeles is possibly the Botox capital of the world. Angelinos take Botox like you and I drink coffee. The doctors and physicians who administer Botox in Los Angeles, routinely work on stars and the most privileged high-society types. The techniques and tools that are used by top dermatologists in Beverly Hills blaze the trail for other doctors around the world.



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