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BITE BIOLITE LADIES GOLF SHOE The Bite Biolite Ladies Golf Shoe are different. Wide up front to give your feet room for good circulation on warm days. Soft leathers and extra foam padding to protect your feet from injuries. They’re supportive healthy and provide a good base for your swing. They are not slick nor do they have leopard trim or shepskin lining. These are funtional good for your feet shoes. Save the fashion statement for the ballet. Plus they are waterproof! The Bite Biolite Ladies Golf Shoe features: FIT SOLUTIONChoose Your Fit & Feel: 2 Footbeds & 1 Liner Included OS1 for superior cushioning Ortholiner for volume control FUNCTIONAL BIOMECHANICSPromote Good Foot Health: Wide toe box Properly positioned Forefoot grooves for natural foot flex Torsional control in arch & hee

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