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Benefits of Health Insurance

Why Health Insurance is Important

Health Insurance is an absolute necessity for everyone now. Although it may seem expensive to pay upfront premiums, the cost is significantly lower than paying all of your medical care out of pocket. Without good insurance people will not get the medical treatment they need when they are sick. Many people will try to make do with over the counter medication and try to deal with minor illnesses, but these can quickly escalate into something more severe. Especially, if antibiotics were needed but they didn’t have access to them. This is usually the result of not having prescription insurance coverage. Many uninsured people try to do the best they can by dealing with being sick or even with injuries, but they may eventually end up in the emergency room.

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Having medical insurance gives people the freedom of choosing their own doctors. They will not have to have state assisted medical care, and will ultimately have better care with private health insurance companies. For example, people that have chronic diseases such as diabetes will need lifelong care and without the best health insurance some will simply not be able to afford it. With the cost of diabetes blood glucose meters and strips amounting to well over $200 a month, and the cost of insulin also costing upwards of $400 a month, this is just not feasible for many families in today’s economy. For the people who are lucky enough to have insurance they are only responsible for paying co pays for the same medicine and supplies. So the cost is greatly reduced, since many co pays are as low as $25 for each medicine.


People who are uninsured usually are unemployed or possibly fall into the poverty income range. So those who are uninsured usually do not receive any kind of preventive care at all. The downfall to this is that when they discover they have an illness or need some kind of surgery there is nothing they can do. Many people file for state assisted medical care, but they must go to clinics and wait many others and only get the minimal care required. Others simply go the emergency room and this isn’t the best method to get health care either. The ER doctors can not care for you through an illness; they can only treat the symptoms that are present at the time of the visit.

Benefits of Health Insurance

There are many benefits of having health insurance. The costs of all preventive care exams are usually either 100% covered or have a very low co pay. This includes all medical exams, as well as dental and eye care. Insurance plans differ, but many offer different options such as purchasing standard or premium care. For example, many standard options with eye care only cover an ophthalmology exam. While others may cover contact lens and glasses as well. Dental care is the same way, it may cover teeth cleaning every six months, but the premium will cover procedures such as root canals or even braces.  The benefits of having insurance greatly outnumber the reasons to not have it. If it is available everyone should take advantage of it.

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