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Balance Step Sport Shoe


chung shi sport shoes have been designed with a unique uneven sole to encourage the correct walking gait. the rolling action they create makes the muscles in the legs work harder and activates previously neglected muscles improving muscle tone and posture. when standing in the shoes posture is instantly improved as the body is forced to balance activating the core muscle forcing a more upright posture. the additional benefits include increased calorie consumption helps with weight loss and helps with the reduction of cellulite.,chung shi balance step curved outsole sole with a 20% angle at the toe and heel to force the muscles to work much harder ,breathable mesh textile upper ,beauty ,promotes the natural walking and jogging gait ,achieves better postural alignment ,absorbs shock to the feet knees hips and back ,strengthens the core muscles ,improves posture and relieves pressure on the vertebral column ,health ,improves athletic endurance ,tones and strengthens the feet legs buttocks abs and back ,helps prevent injuries to tendons ligaments and muscles ,makes muscles work harder and therefore burn more calories ,leads to a more relaxed upright posture improving respiration ,fitness ,increases calorie consumption (compared with “normal” shoes) ,improves respiratory and circulatory function strengthens and improves control of muscles leading to greater relaxation ,finger-pressure massage effect of chung shi activates the reflexology zones of the feet improves the appearance of cellulite

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