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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils to Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

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With regard to emotions, the solar plexus chakra connects to sense of self, personal power, identity and ego. Physically it can affect the digestive and endocrine systems. If this charka is imbalanced, it is said that gloom, fear and low self esteem can develop in addition to adverse medical conditions. Aromatherapy is used to help cleanse and open up the solar plexus chakra for better physical, emotional and spiritual health.


What is Aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is a practice which uses plant oils which include essential oils to heal and support physical and psychological health. Essential oils are the purest essence within the plant. Essential oils are mixed in combinations that work for the specific ailment. Aromatherapy treatment can be performed by applying the essential oils to the skin in a diluted form so that it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This method provides healing, beautification and hygienic benefits. Another form of aromatherapy is to inhale the essential oils; which stimulates the brain and triggers the desired reaction. Candles and diffusers are methods use for inhaling essential oils.


How Aromatherapy Works on Chakras


An imbalanced chakra is the result of low frequency vibrations that cause confusion, discomfort and pain. This condition causes despair, loneliness, jealousy and other unhealthy reverberation throughout the body. Aromatherapy works by using essential oils to vibrate a similar frequency level as the energy in the body produces. The use of the oil trains the body to raise and maintain a frequency needed for overall well being.


Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients for Physical Health


An imbalanced solar plexus chakra can manifest as physical symptoms in the body. Jasmine, hemp, neroli and patchouli are a few essential oils that help to balance the adrenal glands and nervous tension that is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Ginger helps in relieving stomach problems that can be a result of a blocked chakra. Juniper and lemon are natural ingredients that can clean the gallbladder and liver. Bergamot and black pepper are two ingredients that support solar plexus chakra areas such as the digestive tract and stomach.


Essential Oil Blend for Meditation


This mixture of essential oils is used in preparation for a meditative state. It combines frankincense, sandalwood and rosemary that is said to be a powerful combination to raise self image and to relax. Frankincense uplifts the spirit and has a calming effect. Rosemary helps the brain be more alert and improves concentration. Sandalwood helps with maintaining meditation. Two drops of the oil blend is added to a diffuser or candle before meditation begins.

Self Esteem and Power

One of the areas that the solar plexus chakra relates to is self connection. Essential oils can be mixed in certain combinations to heal and open areas that relate to these issues. To open the chakra in issues regarding self power, a mixture of 7 drops of bay leaves, 6 drops of rosemary and 6 drops of bergamot is used in a diffuser. Issues relating to self esteem can be treated using six drops of St. John’s Wort, six drops of sandalwood and four drops of hyssop.

Control Issues


An imbalanced solar plexus chakra can cause issues with self control, prejudices, biases and a judgmental attitude. An essential oil combination that is used to help with these issues is 5 drops of marjoram, 5 drops of hyssop and 3 drops of Roman chamomile. Six drops of lavender combined with six drops of petitgrain and three drops of Roman chamomile is said to be helpful with other control issues connected to the solar plexus chakra.

Relationships with Others

An imbalanced solar plexus chakra can make maintaining relationships with other people very difficult. Six drops of hyssop mixed with 4 drops of geranium and 4 drops of grapefruit will help the energy which regulates bonding become stronger. Strengthening boundaries can be aided by a mixture of 7 drops of sandalwood, 8 drops of pine and 7 drops of cypress in a diffuser.

A Word of Caution with Essential Oils

The essential oil in rosemary is widely used to balance the solar plexus chakra. However, this oil should be avoided in pregnant women or those who have epilepsy. Cinnamon also is also popular for balancing the solar plexus chakra but should always be used in a diffuser since it can irritate skin if applied directly.


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