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7 exercises to improve your mental health

21st century, its speed, struggle, and stress has taken a toll on us like we never imagined. Almost every second person suffers from anxiety and depression. Some are fighting it, others have acclimatised to it and very many are on verge of succumbing to it. You might be still perplexed thinking whether or not this gloom has entangled you. But in either case, one should be aware that when it comes to your mental health, you are your only knight in the shining armour.

No other human on earth has the power or privilege to pull you out of this black hole. You must cleave your way out. And while it might seem unattainable, you would be amazed at how easily you can gift yourself your best self. Just give yourself one chance!


 Walk your worries away

Begin with lilting effortlessly and enjoying the ambience instead of trying to set too many harsh goals that would exhaust and deter you from returning to the process. It’s not some job you need to get done with. Researchers have incessantly asserted the essence of simple small ten-minute walk in nature and how it can be of huge benefit to mental health. Low-intensity aerobic activity is not only the best form of exercise for encouraging positive thoughts and improving alertness but when coupled with light stretching, it can prove excellent in lower back pain relief. Start off slow and gradually build up pace and distance as you go on your mental health strides.


Flex those muscles

High-intensity exercise surges cortisol, endorphins and adrenaline. As you become more active, learning to cope up and become more resilient over time, it could support you in dealing with stress and strategies to bust them in daily life. Consider joining a gym. While it might seem like a difficult thing at first but gym training allows you to get into a routine. Training the body, you change your perspective and forget about negative thoughts and also improves your social interaction. Cycling is a wonderful way to begin your gym tryst.


Embrace Yoga

Pulsating with its ancient wisdom, yoga has proven to have a wonderful effect on those diagnosed with depression, anxiety or neurosis. Try practising it on a regular basis and you’ll be amazed at its deftness in reducing overall levels of stress, helping you reach ultimate mindfulness. Other than improving your cognitive functioning and annihilating your memory troubles, it will help you get in touch with yourself. Focusing on your breath and your body ignites the inner power we never realise we have.  It slows down and calms that agitated mind with its therapeutic effects.


Health is wealth

Improving your mental health requires you to take care of yourself physically on priority. Adopting a nutritious, healthy diet, drinking gallons of water and maintaining a good hygiene is imperative. Try to include organic vegetables and lean protiens, legumes/beans and fruits and high fibre dietary supplements.  Avoid using alcohol and drugs as your escape. If anything they immerse you deeper in the abyss. Meditation has a regulating effect on your overall metabolism and body functioning.


Rest and Relax

It allows your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue time to rebuild. Our immune systems are constantly activating to repair muscles and joints. But it might not be able to catch up without proper rest. Mental fatigue being every bit as detrimental as physical fatigue, taking a rest day helps to recharge our psyche. Adequate sleep is an indispensable part of the rest cycle. You might want to use essential oils that have the ability to further relax your tense tendons. Insomnia patients can meditate themselves to sleep. Mindfulness or prayer is akin to relaxation exercises and they can improve your state of mind and perspective. It helps you feel calm and enhances the effects of therapy. When they become rejuvenating and refreshing, you will definitely quit labelling them as wasted hours.


“Swim” and Dance

Swimming is an excellent exercise for both the body and the brain. We all enjoy being in the water, having the most relaxing time while swimming. While you are swimming, you are too busy concentrating on the activity at hand, so negative thoughts are instantly eliminated. Moreover, swimming is beneficial for the body as well, helping you maintain an excellent level of fitness.

For those of you reluctant to delve deep, swaying to your favourite rhythms can be pleasurable. Your negative thoughts would have no abode whatsoever in the world where you dance like no one is watching. It emancipates your self-esteem level and is a pleasant way of staying acquainted with your fun side.


Revel in being yourself

Last but definitely not the least is understanding self-worth and learning to value oneself. The constant comparison, self-bashing and negativity we subject ourselves to, impacts our mental status in the worst way possible. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Adhering to all the above methods while we are miserably failing in warming up to ourselves is like trying to mine gold from a vacant lot. Circumstances and the world in all its flailings will constantly bog you down. But just remember, you have an entire universe within.

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