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5 Reasons Dental Sealants are a good idea for the kids

There are many amongst us that have gone ahead with the procedure of Sedation Dentistry. For those who are new to the concept, it refers to a dental treatment which involves the application of a coating in the back teeth. Although adults are absolutely comfortable with the procedure, they might show some inhibitions in introducing their kids to this practice. The fact of the matter is that childhood is the ideal phase of life when one should approach their dentist for applying the sealants. They shall provide protection to your child’s teeth for a bundle of years to come, preventing the onset of cavity and gum issues. Let us go on to find out the reasons as to why dental sealants are a good idea for the kids.

Preservation of the molars and premolars

There are a few areas in the mouth which are quite difficult to clean. These hard-to-reach areas include the back teeth, such as the molars and premolars. Even the toothbrush bristles find it difficult to properly cleanse the gaps of this part of the teeth thoroughly. With the application of dental sealants at a lower age, your child can avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and cavities in these areas. Thus, they basically play the part of sealing the grooves of the teeth. Not only does that assure that your kid can set-off the attack of the cavities, but they can also get the benefits for a consistent period of time over the years. Consult your doctor immediately and book up a session to gather more knowledge about the process.

High consumption of tooth-decaying foods by children

We are all well aware of the eating habits of the children. No matter how much veggies and fruits you give them, they like to opt for junk foods every now and then. While you may ensure your child eats healthy regularly, your kid is bound to give in to some of the indulgences. That is totally normal for the age. Such foods might include candies, chocolates, sugary items, coffee, and carbonated drinks. However delicious they may be, these foods generally tend to fasten the process of tooth decay. They attack the teeth by causing discolouration, bad breath and a number of other problems. This is where the dental sealants can provide you a helping hand. They tremendously decrease the chances for the cavity to cause harm to your teeth by not allowing their growth. Moreover, they prevent the food from getting stuck in the fissures of the teeth, making the procedure more successful.

They are safe

Dental sealants were prepared with the help of BPA (Bisphenol A) till a few years ago. This chemical is known to cause developmental problems in kids and can even aggravate the situation to the onset of oral cancer. However, BPA is no longer used anymore in the procedure. Its removal was the result of various health issues associated with it.

Moreover, before the application of sealants, it is imperative to get a checkup of the teeth and find out about an underlying cavity. If it’s present, the teeth should first and foremost be made cavity-free before going on with the procedure. Make sure your doctor ticks these 2 boxes and assess the teeth of your child properly. This shall make the application of dental sealants safe and sound for your child in the times to come.

A simple process

Any dental treatment might give you the idea of how painful and demanding it can be. Dental sealants, on the other hand, involve a very comfortable process. The dentist primarily cleans the tooth and then applies a gel on the chewing surface. After a few seconds later, they dry it up after cleaning it. This is when the dentist plants the sealants on the teeth, which hardens up within minutes. Such ease makes the whole process quick and painless for the child. It does not require any sort of injections or drilling. Your kid does not have to pay more than 2 visits for the completion of the application.

Dental sealants generally last for more than five years on the trot. This makes it possible for your child to not fall prey to a tooth decay and a number of gum diseases. It is also one of the most effective ways known to dental science for reducing the risk of contracting tooth issues at a nascent age.

It is pocket-friendly

A tooth that suffers from cavity requires treatment for its removal. It might involve a root canal, a dental implant or simply a dental filling. All of these treatments provide a cure to the teeth, not prevention. Thus, it is even more important to pay attention to the preservation of teeth beforehand. You will be surprised to know that the application of dental sealants is way more easy on the pocket than any of the procedures mentioned above. Also, most of the medical insurance companies cover its costs before the child turns 14. Hence, not only do they save your money but also keep your child’s teeth strong and sturdy for years to come.

With the advancement of technology, small masks specially made for kids have made it possible for doctors to deliver nitrous oxide with precision in the dental treatments.

The procedure of the application of dental sealants is no substitute for the regular requirement of brushing and flossing. However, they work to extend the protection of your child’s teeth manifold. Make sure your child nips the cavities in the bud and maintains healthy teeth with the help of this simple practice.


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