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5 Healthy Reasons To Chug On Tea

Take those fancy saucer cups out of the cupboard and get gulping — tea is definitely good for your health.

Tea has been around for a thousand years and has provided health benefits to people all over the globe. Modern research still continues to unlock even more benefits of tea. So if your goal is to boost your health and cut a few pounds, go beyond daily supplements and superfood because “coffee’s little cousin” is basically what you need.

Here are five reasons why indulging in teatime can do wonders to your overall well-being.

Reduce Stress

Tired from all the hassles of everyday life?  A cup of tea is the best solution. Study shows that tea helps in reducing stress hormones. And it doesn’t end there, there’s another thing connected to stress: blood pressure. When you are totally stressed, blood pressure goes up thereby increasing the risk of stroke or even heart attack. So drink some tea to reduce stress and help lower your blood pressure.

Good for the Brain

Boost your learning and memory and add a cup of tea to your day. Research tells that tea is an effective tool in treating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease which is the leading cause of dementia. Also, the catechin compounds found in tea can have shielding effects on neurons and could possibly lower the risk of another brain disease — Parkinson’s.

Strengthen the Bones

Experts say that tea increases bone mineral density and strength. People who drink their tea more often have a higher bone density in their hips and have less bone loss than the ones who don’t.  Regular tea drinking may also prevent osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

For Sharp Eyesight

There are numerous activities that could destroy your eyesight which include watching too much television and spending loads of time in front of laptops, computers and other gadgets. Since your eyes work overtime, let them rest like taking short naps in between working hours or eating foods rich in Vitamin C. Don’t forget to incorporate green tea to your diet to further strengthen your eyesight. Studies indicate that green tea has healthy components that produce positive effects on the eyes, particularly to the retina. Hence, protect your priceless eyeballs and don’t forget to down a cup.

Aid in Weight Loss

If you’re keeping track of your weight, this is your chance to add tea in your daily diet plan – try oolong tea. Great health benefits of oolong tea include speeding up metabolism and burning fat faster as it has polyphenols that prevent fat-building enzymes from multiplying.

So, keep drinking your way to good health and order the best tea in town. If you are still not into the tea habit, make it a point to include a cup in your day and discover different tea types, flavours, brands and get to know which one suits your taste. Be it a hot tea or a cold one, you can either use tea bags or go loose. It’s never too late to brew one.

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